There has never been a better time to live your DREAM life!

Get the help you need to clarify your goals and the path to get there.

One on one.


Hello Lovely! Is this you?

Your maternity leave is coming to an end, and you are filled with anxiety.

You barely recognize the "new you", in fact, you are still trying to figure that part out.  You have fallen in love with this baby... a new kind of love.  This love has pushed your limits, challenged your beliefs, and illuminated some stuff you hadn't realized was there.

You don't want to go back to your old life, you just don't even know how the two worlds could even merge!  But you need to make money.  So how do you do that exactly?

Of course not everyone feels that way, it depends on many factors and is contextual based on your own temperament, the child(ren) who chose you, your former job and your current strengths.

But what I DO know, is that most of the new parents I speak with truly underestimate their personal potential and what is actually within their reach.  You don't need to settle for any status quo.

Because I was in this exact situation, and hold a background in coaching and human resources, I was driven to create a program just for the mother who is finding herself.

Take a moment to breathe...

Your life now...

  • You are torn between what your heart is telling you and what you feel you "have" to do
  • You are juggling far too much, much more than any human being should have to
  • You feel unappreciated and the work you do feels unreciprocated and not worth it
  • You just aren't sure what to do and how to feasibly achieve the vision of motherhood that most resonates to you, while contributing financially

Your dream life...

  • You are utilizing your talents in meaningful ways
  • You are making a difference in the world, and being compensated for it
  • You no longer set an alarm clock, it takes you hours to leave the house each day, but you wouldn't have it any other way!
  • You can best use the word "serendipitous" to describe the steady stream of opportunities coming your way
  • Your gratitude mantra is strong and your dreams just keep getting BIGGER, and keep coming to fruition!

The Process

1. Get Clear on YOU

I will help you recognize your skills, attributes, gifts and talents!  We will figure out what matters most, and under what employment conditions you will best THRIVE.

2. Determine the DREAM

From there we will brainstorm possible revenue streams that align with your talents and values, and craft your calling.

3. Make a CHANGE Map

Change can be scary, but not with the right support!  You're in need of proper fuel (you ARE what you eat!), a plan, and a conducive environment for which to thrive.  We will set you up with a roadmap, supplies and action steps to get the wheels in motion and propel you towards your goals.

4. Check In & CELEBRATE

As you check off your action steps and start enjoying the fruits of your labour, I will be along for the ride to help reassess and tweak your plans as needed.  I cannot wait to celebrate your successes with you and be your number 1 cheerleader!

With 100% Customized Support...

This business and life coaching program is customized just for YOU. This is about you and me coming together to gain a fresh perspective on this 'fork in the road' you have found yourself in.

Because this mentorship involved tremendous time and energy (even outside our actual time spent together), I can only accept a small number of clients into the program for maximum service and support. If this sounds like it is the answer you have been searching for, apply now!

Small Business Teams: If you are leading a team and unsure how to motivate, inspire and lead them from the heart, I would love to chat. Apply to learn how we can better understand what is driving your team and whether you are attracting the right people.


Hi, I'm Brandie.

You could definitely say I live my life according to no one else but my own personal standards, much to the chagrin of the status quo!  While I certainly don't think my choices are for everyone, I am a firm believer in options. I would like to afford anyone the opportunity to expand on their own options and live a life of meaning and passion.


A certified Health Coach and former Manager of Employee Retention and Engagement, I am skilled at honing in on individuals strengths and helping them understand and take action on ways to leverage those natural talents to curate the life of their dreams, no matter what their circumstances seem to dictate.

What happens now?

Fill out the application so I can learn all about you and where your values and talents are.  If I feel I can authentically support you, I will contact you to meet on the phone for a 15 minute Discovery Session.  Assuming we are a great fit and there is a mutual feeling of flow, we will move forward with our partnership!

Once we're ready to move forward, you will fill out an online consultation so I can understand your emotional intelligence competencies and values.  You will include what you hope to achieve in our time together, or how you wish to feel at the completion of our work together.

We will meet for a video chat every week for four weeks. Together, we will together determine best action steps to move you closer to realizing your goals. You will send me an accountability email of your action steps following our chats.  We will be in constant communication on Voxer, so if you need to bounce anything off me at any time, I will be there in a heartbeat!

Your Investment

For only $1,994 you get...

Four one on-one-video coaching sessions where we can delve into your heart's calling and make clear where you are stuck and how to move forward.

Comprehensive nutritional support for a minimum of four months including supplementation, easy meal plan (maximum nutrient density with minimal time) and recipes

Unlimited online support for four weeks via Voxer (walkie talkie app)

Concrete action steps to make your dreams come true.