The Gentle Family Cleanse

An Effective Cleanse Safe for the Whole Family

Next cleanse begins May 6, 2019

The Gentle Family Cleanse is a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health.

For 10 days you will shred the food and habits that are not serving you and will focus on clean living and flooding your body with whole food nutrition. The 10 day jump-start is the beginning of a 4-month period of education and healthy changes that will revolutionize your health (as it did mine!) for years to come!

Mothers who are pregnant and breastfeeding, or people dealing with certain diagnosis's are often told they cannot participate in a Detox or Cleanse. It is extremely frustrating when your concerns are brushed off and you feel powerless to make changes to your lifestyle. As a new parent you are likely tired, short on patience and spread too thin. You WANT to be as healthy and vibrant as possible, but you battle with information overload, not knowing where to begin, and who to trust during this vulnerable time.

After doing a gentle cleanse with me you will feel clear on your specific goals, what to focus on, and how to do it conveniently and affordably. You will have tenacious follow through. Your willpower is recovered through stabilizing your blood sugar via improved nutrition.

Your skin looks brighter, your eyes are open wider, and your smile is ear to ear! When woken up in the morning you have more energy to greet the day, and when your toddler tantrums you can be there with her/him with empathy.

You finally have peace of mind that your health is truly in your hands, and you are confidently leading the pack in your home with habits that will rewrite your futures


How does it work?

With this cleanse, you will receive a FREE 90-page eBook, available exclusively to those who take part in the Gentle Family Cleanse participants. It is a robust collection of plant-based meal ideas and healthy cooking tips and tricks from members of our community all over the US and Canada.

They are tried and proven favorites because healthy should taste good too! If you are new to plant-based eating, you will find a lot of helpful tips on how to plan, prepare, and even how to mix and match options with some similar ingredients. The goal was to keep it simple and give you lots of variety at the same time. You will love this eBook and use it for years to come!

You will also be welcomed into my special Facebook community of other individuals around the world, committed to continuing on the road to healthier living. In this group I share exclusive Live videos, interview experts like Dr. Bill Sears, and hold online and in person events which you will be privy to.

During the cleanse and the period following, you will flood your body with the nutrition of 45 different fruits, vegetables, and berries using Juice Plus+ capsules and Complete smoothies.

Whole food nutrition from a variety of sources is the foundation of good health, and Juice Plus+ intensifies our nutritional intake and helps bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat.

Who is leading this cleanse?

Hi! I'm Brandie Hadfield.

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for close to two decades. Previously a fitness fanatic with issues like chronic body aches, inflammation, anxiety and leaky gut, it was my nutrition education with Dr. William Sears that changed my life forever.

I am a lifetime certified Dr. Sears Health Coach certified in family nutrition as well as pre and postnatal lifestyle and nutrition. Certified in Emotional Intelligence and an Intuitive Coach, I am able to meet clients where they are at, and assist them in feeling proud about each step they take forward.

What's included in The Gentle Family Cleanse?

Your monthly investment gets you:

  • Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable and Berry blends soft chews or capsules
  • Juice Plus+ Complete in Chocolate and/or Vanilla (the above equates to phytonutrition of 45 plants that will absorb into your bloodstream daily!)
  • Daily access to me for encouragement, intuitive words of support, and to answer all questions you may have throughout your cleanse and beyond
  • Exclusive access to the Facebook community where you will make new friends and get new ideas for ways to live your healthy and fun new lifestyle
  • An exclusive ebook detailing all the guidelines we will be following, and exactly why each one is so important (great for science lovers who need to know WHY!)
  • A 90 page online cookbook
  • Entry into a special prize draw at the end of the 10 days
  • "Here is exactly what I ate today" photos from me every day for recipe inspiration for the whole family
  • Exclusive access to Dr. William Sears to answer any special family nutrition question you may have.
  • Each person who buys Juice Plus+ is eligible to sponsor a child for our Health Study to get FREE Juice Plus+ for up to four years. The child must be at least 4 years of age, (Juice Plus+ is safe for babies once on solids, but please see me for dosing instructions).

How do I get started?


  1. Commit to doing the cleanse at least once during the next four months.
  2. Place your order for a four-month supply of Juice Plus+ capsules and Complete
  3. Attend my "Info Sesh" or watch the replay
  4. Request to be added to the Facebook group, "Mission Family Nutrition"
  5. Agree to me texting you at least once per day during the 10 day clease.
  6. Adopt the lifestyle into your own life for long term success (guidelines will be given to following the 10 days)

You get all of the above for a monthly investment of only $127.25 per month (plus tax and shipping)!


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What exactly is The Cost Of Your Health?

The answer will probably surprise you...

Are you ready to transform your family's health, for only $4.45 a day?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure this is for me. Are there any restrictions?

Some people want to make changes, want to get healthier, but are scared to take the leap. Some clients I have worked with have a past of disordered eating and worry about labeling foods as "good" or "bad". I am honoured to work with you wherever you are at in your journey.

While there certain things we avoid for good reason as part of the cleanse, the focus is on the ABUNDANCE aspect. When you shift the focus away from what you cannot have, and on to what truly fuels you (and tastes amazing!), you won't be obsessing about what you "can't" have. You feel gratitude for all you CAN have, and a renewed appreciation for food as fuel. You become in touch with what your body wants, and why. You honour that inner voice, and meet yourself with love.

I love the sound of Juice Plus+ but I don't want to do a cleanse.  Can I buy Juice Plus+ separately?

Absolutely, the link to purchase is here >>> Juice Plus+

What if I'm not on social media?

Some people are not on Facebook, but want to take part in the cleanse. Being on Facebook is not essential. I am happy to send you everything you need over email, and keep in touch via phone, text, email or video chat.

Is it possible to do the cleanse for less money?

While I find $4.50 a day an extremely fair investment, some are unsure about the concept "pay now, or pay much more later". The preservation of our health is much less expensive than the treatment of disease. I made a video that explains this in more depth entitled 'The Cost Of Your Health" (click the link to watch)

How Can I Be Part of Your Mission!

I am actively looking to mentor passionate people who want to inspire healthy living around the world with me and the "Sears Team". I can only do so much, but together we achieve incredible things and impact hundreds... maybe thousands of families! Please check out the team section of my website to book a special one on one session with me. I can't wait to meet you!