Workshops With Brandie Hadfield

Attached at the Heart Parenting Course

For expectant parents or parents of young children.
This series is ten weeks long, split up into two-hour interactive sessions. Register for the whole series, or sign up for just one event.

Before Attached at the Heart Parenting: You are overwhelmed with all the parenting books out there, and unprepared for the challenges ahead. You want to do the best you can for your children, but you keep making the same mistakes that make you feel anxious, stressed out and second guessing every little thing.

After: You now have a ton of scientifically backed parenting expertise in your back pocket to inform your decisions. You feel happy with your choices and confident with how things are going. You know for certain you are helping to raise a generation of empathetic and compassionate people.

Based on the award-winning book, Attached at the Heart by the founders of Attachment Parenting! A comprehensive course that goes deep into all facets of parenting... safe sleep practises, feeding, finding balance as a parent, and even ways to practise effective positive discipline.

You will learn important facts you need to know before and after having your baby, strategies to strengthen the emotional bond with your child, how to be a more conscious parent, the most current information to help you make informed decisions and hands on strategies and activities for dealing with every day challenges. The relationships built with like-minded parents you will meet in this course will be such a gift and continued resource as you navigate the sometimes challenging waters of parenthood.

Register for one workshop-or the entire series!

Family Lifestyle & Nutrition Course

Did you know that many ingredients in the food our kids eat can actually damage brain cells? Or that a significant number of foods marketed as "healthy" have negative effects on your child?

Do you want to lead by example, creating delicious snacks and meals that your family loves? If you're ready to replace the daily fights with mealtimes that connect your family and nourish them phsyically as well as emotionally, this workshop is for you.

After completion of this course you will be armed with a ton of tools to improve the energy and health of everyone in your home. For parents of children aged 2 and up.

This series is three weeks long, split up into three two-hour interactive workshops. Cost per family: $267

There are currently no scheduled events.

Prenatal Lifestyle & Nutrition Course

For expectant parents or parents of newborns.
This series is three weeks long, split up into three two-hour interactive workshops. Cost per family: $267

Before Prenatal Lifestyle & Nutrition: You worry all the time about what to eat and what not to. You have strange cravings that you are sure are not optimal for your growing baby, but it is hard to stomach many things. You know this time is critical, but you just are not sure how to nurture yourself and your baby as you best should. Birth and caring for a newborn is keeping you up worrying at night and you wish you could know for sure how things will play out and how to best increase your chances of healthy and happy mom and baby.

After: You have a long list of foods that will ensure all you and your baby's nutritional needs are met. You are glowing and happy about the gift of health you are giving yourselves. You know how to increase your chances of a smooth birth, and ways to make the postpartum period a time you will look back on fondly.

Do you often worry about what you should and shouldn't eat? Does the thought of caring for your baby and yourself feel overwhelming at times? As a mother-to-be, learning how to best take care of your baby starts well before you ever meet your child.

Join us from the comfort of your home to learn about the choices that will turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning. Use what you learn in these classes to experience optimal nutrition during your pregnancy, and make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood.

There are currently no scheduled events.

Healthy Family Sleep

You hear that babies wake up hourly or more, and you have no idea how you will ever cope with that. Sleep training is not something you want to do, but you need to be well rested to keep sane and healthy. You are scared, stressed and uncertain about how you will get through these years of sleep deprivation.

The #1 concern for new parents is SLEEP and how to get it! Do you want to know the best way to get a good night sleep? Start early! Set the stage for good sleep habits so your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe, and peaceful time.

Develop the strategies you need to deal with nighttime parenting without sacrificing your own wellbeing. Know exactly what to expect and what not to expect and score a menu of ways to keep your baby content, calm and satiated.

For expectant parents or parents of young children. A two-hour interactive workshop. Cost per family: $89

There are currently no scheduled events.

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